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Family Protection Laois

Many families have not considered the financial impact a premature death or unexpected illness would have on their family.

We cannot predict what life has in store and when it comes to things like premature death or specified illness, we often think it will never happen to our family.  However in truth we all know someone who has been affected.

At Peavoy Financial Planning we remove these risks from families that can’t afford them and hand them to a big company that can. We feel family protection forms the cornerstone of a solid Financial Plan. It isn’t some luxury to be taken out when you can afford it. It is necessary to have because your family can’t afford to be without it.  

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Income Protection Laois

When you are feeling strong and healthy it can be difficult to plan for an unpredicted illness or injury that could leave you out of work. Yet almost everything we have in life and almost everything we do every day depends on earning an income. How would you cope if one day if it stopped and you were unable to earn an income?

In many cases your income is one of your greatest assets. For example if you are age 35 and you earn €50,000 per year, to a Retirement Age of 68, you would earn €1.65 million in that time frame. As a result we feel your Income is well worth protecting against long term disability and should forms an integral part of any financial plan.

Income Protection provides a regular income of up to 75% of your earnings for the period you are out of work, starting after your selected deferred period.

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Mortgage Protection Laois

A Mortgage Protection Policy is an insurance policy that pays off your Mortgage in the event of the Death (or Specified Illness if chosen) of any of the lives insured on the policy. It can be structured as a Single Life Policy, Joint Life Policy or a Dual Life Policy.

We’ll be glad to show you just how big a difference it can make.

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Mortgage Protection Laois

Prudent business people will always take steps to minimise the risk to their business. Despite the importance many business owners omit to protect their business from the financial problems that might arise following the premature death of Business Partner, Co-Director or Key-person within their organisation.

While insurance cannot lessen the emotional loss caused by the death of a colleague, it can help minimise the financial impact to a business or family. There are a number of different structures that can offer protection to a business and the deceased shareholders next of kin and the specific solution relevant to you will depend on your business structure and needs.

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