Peavoy Financial Planning Talk Life Insurance for Parents

Peavoy Financial Planning talks Life Assurance for Parents

Life Insurance – A Key Solution for Protecting your Family  

Becoming a parent brings with it many joyous moments all of which are to be treasured and enjoyed. A new baby brings great excitement to a home, to siblings and to the extended family unit. This is a precious time in the lives of a young family, however the birth of a child also brings with it a sense of responsibility. As a parent you will be obliged in the years ahead, to provide for the childcare, feeding, clothing, health and education of your children.
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Peavoy Financial Planning Talk Tax Free Cash

Pensions The attraction of Tax Free Money

Pensions and Tax Free Cash

With the advent in 1999 of Company Directors being allowed to avail of 25% of their accumulated fund tax free and ARF the balance, many advisors and pension holders often overlook the fact that the old rules for calculating maximum tax free cash remain in place.

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Peavoy Financial Planning Talk Websites

Peavoy Financial Planning Neww Website

Our new website is live

We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. The updated site includes changes to navigation, with dropdown menus for both mobile and desktop versions. It has a new fresh clean feeling to it while being jam packed with features like call back forms and a new blog and news section. Continue reading

Peavoy Financial Planning Talk UK Pensions

UK Pensions Peavoy Financial PLanning

My UK Pensions should I stay or should I go now?

In June 2016, the UK citizens voted in a closely fought referendum to the leave the EU, by 52% for to 48% against. For those of us on this side of the Irish Sea, this was largely a surprise. Since this decision was reached there has been a constant dialogue of communication and discussion on what the implications of Brexit will be for Ireland.  As I write this on the 2nd January 2018, the implications are still largely Continue reading

Peavoy Financial Planning Talk Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax post featured image

The biggest tax bill you could have to pay!

Whilst we don’t like doing it, throughout our working lifetime we all pay taxes, whether it be Income Tax, PRSI, USC, car tax, property tax etc, there is always a bill to pay. Generally as individuals we save this money to pay these taxes or it is deducted at source from our salary. Continue reading

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