Peavoy Financial Planning Talks Pensions from old Jobs

Peavoy Finanical Planning Talk Pension from Old Job

Leaving Service Options for your Pension

If you have a pension from a previous employment and have not done anything about it for a while, it is good advice to make contact with your old employer and ask them for Updated Leaving Service Options in relation to your pension. Continue reading

Peavoy Financial Planning Talk Life Insurance with a Difference

Peavoy Financial PLanning talk Life Insurance with a Difference

It’s Life Insurance Jim, but not as we know it…

Today we are discussing a relatively new concept called Life Insurance with a Whole of Life Continuation Benefit. This  structure in our opinion is a significant shift in the way we think about Life Insurance and hence should trigger a review of your Life Insurance arrangements. Continue reading

Peavoy Financial Planning talk about buying Property with your Pension

Peavoy Financial Planning talk Property and Pensions

Buying Property with your Pension

Ever thought about buying property with your pension? Well now you can. Irish people have a love for property. It seems to be in our nature. With returns on the traditional low risk assets, like cash and bonds at all time lows, many investors are back looking at property to get a return on their investment… Continue reading

Peavoy Financial Planning talk about Key Opportunities for Business Owners

Peavoy Financial PlanningTalks Key Opportunities for Directors

Moving Profits today to Savings for Tomorrow

As a Business Owner you have to manage the day to day running of your business, whilst also putting plans in place for its short term and long term future success.. Continue reading

Peavoy Financial Planning talk Self Employed Income Tax

Peavoy Financial Planning Talk Self Employed Income Tax

How can I reduce my Income Tax Bill?

This time of year is a key focus for all Self Employed people as it is the time of year to pay tax. For those who file their 2017 Form 11 Return and make the appropriate payment online through ROS, Wednesday the 14th November 2018 is THE key date. By this date any Income Tax balance due for 2017 is due to be paid, plus the Preliminary Tax Payment for 2018. Continue reading

Peavoy Financial Planning Talk with Employees about Saving Tax

Peavoy Financial Planning talk with Employees about Saving Tax

Last chance to Reduce the Tax you paid in 2017  

Whilst the end of October each year is a focus for Self Employed individuals to get there accounts in order, it also offers a once off opportunity for Employees to Save Tax. The intention of this weeks blog is to raise awareness of this opportunity.
Continue reading

Peavoy Finanical Planning talk about Protecting your Income

Peavoy Finanical Planning Talks Income Protection

Keep your life on track and take care of your greatest asset

As we get down to the business end of the county hurling and football championships, I overheard a conversation on the side-line last weekend which included comments like; “He doesn’t get paid if he is out of work” and ” He is self employed you know. If he gets injured he wont be able to work.”
Continue reading

Peavoy Financial Planning talk Cancer Cover

Peavoy Financial Planning Talks Cancer Cover

Financial Realities of Living with Cancer

Cancer is a word we all fear. It comes in many different forms and degrees of severity. Research conducted by the Irish Cancer Registry in 2017 states that one in two people in Ireland will develop cancer during their lifetime. This means there are very few of our families that will be unaffected. In Ireland an average of 40,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year.
Continue reading

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